TLS latency improvements (19 Jun 2010)

We've published several drafts recently concerning reducing the number of round trips in SSL/TLS. Firstly, False Start is a client-side only change which reduces the number of round trips for a full handshake to one. It's in Android Froyo and Chrome (Linux since 5.x, Mac and Windows since 6.x). Secondly, Snap Start is a client and server change which reduces the overhead to zero. The code for it is still preliminary, but it might make it into Chrome 6.x. Snap Start requires that the client cache some information about the server but, unlike resume information, that data can be cached on disk.

This is all part of an ongoing effort to make the web faster.

Full handshakeResume handshake
(Round trip times)
Standard TLS21
False Start11
Snap Start00