I've just releasedtwo new... (13 Aug 2008)

I've just released two new curve25519 implementations: one in C and one in x86-64 assembly. The latter is 10% faster than djb's implementation.

curve25519 is an elliptic curve, developed by Dan Bernstein, for fast Diffie-Hellman key agreement. DJB's original implementation was written in a language of his own devising called qhasm. The original qhasm source isn't available, only the x86 32-bit assembly output.

Since many x86 systems are now 64-bit, and portability is important, this project provides alternative implementations for other platforms.

Implementation Platform Author 32-bit speed 64-bit speed
curve25519 x86 32-bit djb 265µs N/A
curve25519-donna-x86-64 x86 64-bit agl N/A 240µs
curve25591-donna Portable C agl 2179µs 628µs

(All tests run on a 2.33GHz Intel Core2)