I've updated the patches ... (30 Apr 2008)

I've updated the patches linked to in the last post with today's work. Both sides now end up with the same shared key (and not just because they got the same private key from lack of entropy like before). That took some fun tracking down of bugs.

Also, packets are now HMAC-MD5'ed with the shared key, and invalid packets are dropped. That also took far longer than expected. I ended up using the MD5 implementation from the CIFS filesystem because the kernel's crypto library is just plain terrible. It's also totally undocumented but, from what I can see, you can't lookup an algorithm without taking a semaphore, and that requires that you be able to sleep. I almost think I must be missing something because that's dumber than the bastard offspring of Randy Hickey and Jade Goodie.

But there we go. Encryption (with Salsa20) to come next Wednesday.