Security through obscurity silly screws (21 Oct 2006)

This week I ended up with one of these: .

It's a Seagate SATA disk in an external SATA enclosure. I didn't have an external SATA port on anything useful, so I decided to take the hard drive out and put it in a USB enclosure. This shouldn't have been hard.

Sadly, Seagate decided to use Torx Plus Security screws on the enclosure. They are like torx screws, but with only five points and a pin in the middle. Even that took a bit of finding out, and you can't get them in sets of "Security bits". You can get them on Amazon for $80. Yes, $80 for a set of 11 screw bits.

So I drilled the buggers out and even going slowly didn't stop two of the screws welding themselves to the drill.

Why on Earth do Seagate make that kind of crap? Don't ever buy one.