Things one should read:Fa... (05 Jan 2006)

Things one should read:

  • Factor - a programming language; very Forth like. I'm playing with it when I get a chance. I'm still not sure about stack based languages. They have nice advantages: factoring out functions is stupidly easy and when the data flow works, it's very elegant. But one cannot understand only part of a function (which is why each function must be small) and, when dealing with > 3 variables, the stack fuzz is crazy. None the less, factor has a good environment (based on jEdit, by the same author) and Erlang like concurrency.
  • Curve25519 a paper on a (fairly) novel public key system with highly optimised implementations, data-independent timing and 32-byte public keys? It just be DJB. (and for anyone who hasn't seen his break of AES)

Things one should listen to:

(both are BBC and so both need RealPlayer. Sorry. You can get them working with mplayer if you try.)