Startup School (29 Sep 2005)

I'll be at Paul Graham's Startup School this October 15th in case anyone who reads this will be there too. It's not that I'm looking to get out of Google before I've even started, but all good things...

Looks like I left it a little late to book the hotel though. All the near by ones are sold out on the Saturday and I've ended up in a Holiday Inn some way away. Nevermind, there are always taxis.

Crappy laptops

And I really need to replace this old laptop as my main system. I'm sure that it was good in it's day, but it was a hand-down from someone else many years ago and it just can't keep up with Firefox. Thankfully, Opera have now released their browser for gratis, and without advertising. I guess that they've decided that they aren't going to win the desktop wars now and they should concentrate on their mobile offerings.

It's certainly lighter than firefox (my laptop goes swap crazy a lot less) and it properly threads the page rendering so that loading (say) Bloglines doesn't freeze the whole browser for many seconds.

It's Javascript/general AJAXy support isn't so good. Gmail works though. And the tabs act slightly wrong when you close them - it switches to the last viewed tab, which is almost never what I want.

Still, if you too have a system with only 64MB of memory then give it a shot.