That's all sorted then (04 Aug 2005)

Barring the actual delivery of the paperwork I now seem set to start at Google full time in October. I'll be moving to Mountain View in late September. Anyone with experience of this (e.g. getting a drivers license etc) is welcome to email me about now ;)

Books (see last post) are disappearing. I've moved about 20 of them so far. I'm trying to sell a few of the larger ones on Amazon to see if I can make something off them. A few have gone but I expect I'll have more going free if the rest are still here in four weeks time.

Can anyone explain why batteries work the whole world over? Nothing else does - certainly not mains power which varies in every axis you can think of. Did some company have a worldwide monopoly on batteries for years and set all the standards?

Currently working on: a standard library for Gambit Scheme.