I took the time today to ... (05 Jul 2005)

I took the time today to phone (some of) my MEPs about the software patent vote tomorrow. I picked the names somewhat at random so long as they were representatives for an area I live in. Remember that the outcome we want is a vote for the Buzek-Rocard-Duff amendments.

  • Caroline Lucas: Voting for, goes for all Greens. Glad I voted Green for the EU
  • Richard Ashworth: Didn't know how he was going to vote
  • Gerard Batten: No answer
  • Chris Beazley: Answering machine (left message)
  • Andrew Duff: As I dialed I suddenly remembered what the amendments were called and suspected that this was probably a good guy. He was.
  • Fiona Hall: Answering machine (left message)
  • Sarah Ludford: Didn't know. Will email me.

Overall, not a stunning outcome.

If you want to call some MEPs today (and please do) you can find phone numbers and names here. Remember that the international escape code is 00 (so replace + in phone numbers with that) and you don't dial the zero in brackets (if any).

When I phoned I basically said this, and it seemed to work ok:

Good afternoon. Is that the office of FULLNAME? I'm just phoning to register my hope that TITLE SURNAME will be voting for the amendments in the software patents vote tomorrow.

... and go with the flow from there. I found that the Brussels office is more often manned, but I think the actual people are at Strasbourg.

(background information on this issue.)