We apologise for this short interruption of service... (25 Jun 2005)

Firstly, sorry to anyone who emailed me in the last three days and I didn't get back to them. My (somewhat crappy) host had a server failure and I didn't notice. The backlog of email is getting through now.

Secondly, I'm on an RSI avoidance typing break for a while. Nothing serious, just a definite hint from my body that I need to stop hacking for a bit. I intend to do something about it when I get home (probably involving a Kinesis keyboard and trackball) but until then I'm taking a break and crewing (single-handedly it turns out) a play in Bethnal Green.

Current hacking plans involve adding OAEP and DH support to nettle and then finishing pyThistle (a Python crypto library built on nettle). pyThistle then replaces libgcrypt (see rant below) in my Python Tor node. Hopefully, when the Tor node works it can be a platform for testing new ideas in Tor.

Also, my Google searchkeys script might be used in a forthcoming book by Mark Pilgrim (of Dive Into x fame). That is assuming that I ever manage to remember to fax the permission form off.