(Lack of posting due to e... (05 May 2005)

(Lack of posting due to exams - which still aren't over)

Yep, I've voted. Actually I did it sometime ago since it was a postal vote. Not because I'm lazy, but because I live on the other side of the country. I actually quite like going to the polls and wouldn't postal vote given the chance.

Truly, this time, it was a question of the least bad option. There are no center-right options in this country. Because of that we'll wake up tomorrow with another Labour government, but with a reduced majority.

The country feels like it's standing in line at the supermarket. The queue is dreadful but, looking to the left and right - none of the others look like they're moving any faster. So you just stay where you are because you really don't want to jump queues and find out that the original one was a better option.

Never mind, because much more important to the future is the French vote on the EU Constitution later this month - and I don't even get to vote in that.