In other news (07 Apr 2005)

Welcome to Britain. As soon as it gets Royal Assent:

I suppose we should be thankful that the ID cards bill got dropped:

"Labour's manifesto will confirm that the reintroduction of identity cards legislation will be an early priority after the election."

Sony patent takes first step towards real-life Matrix. The described device seems very interesting and probably worthy of the patent ... if it worked. Quoting from that NS text:

There were not any experiments done ... This particular patent was a prophetic invention. It was based on an inspiration that this may someday be the direction that technology will take us.

And reminding ourselves about the requirements for a patent:

An invention is the creation of a new technical concept and the physical means to implement or embody the idea. That physical means, prototype, or tangible form referred to as reduction to practice is what separates a discovery from an invention.

So; yet another result of the super-secret US patent office source code: while 1: print 'granted'