Dealing with too many config files (28 Mar 2005)

I've finally got round to doing something about keeping all my config files in sync across the five different hosts that I ssh to regularly.

I've created a SVN repository with my config files in and symlinked the dot files to the checked out version.

.zprompt -> .aglconfig/agldotfiles/zprompt-green
.zshrc -> .aglconfig/agldotfiles/zshrc
.zlogin -> .aglconfig/agldotfiles/zlogin
.zshenv -> .aglconfig/agldotfiles/zshenv
.vimrc -> .aglconfig/agldotfiles/vimrc
.gvimrc -> .aglconfig/agldotfiles/gvimrc

I can now keep them synced across all the boxes and I've a little tar ball in the repository as well which creates all the symlinks for me. I can borgify a new install with two commands now

I should have done this years ago.