Heading home of the coach... (01 Dec 2004)

Heading home of the coach to Cheltenham last Friday (something that I do when I'm in need of a decent meal for a few days) I was stuck in a traffic jam for about 30 minutes. Annoying, but it's fairly small fry on a 3 hour journey. The time passed quickly enough with my special Google branded iPod :).

But it turned out that the accident happened on one lane of the carriageway running in the opposite direction. The tailback which I was caught in was just the product of people slowing down to take a look. That tendency in the cellular automata of most traffic flows caused a huge tail back. Now there's a tendency to ignore such effects because they're somehow `stupid' but they are perfectly real. So can I suggest that the highway police carry large, self-standing black banners to hide the site of an accident to avoid traffic jams in future please.