So, I'm done. And I cunni... (25 Sep 2004)

So, I'm done. And I cunningly left before anything major that I wrote was used in anger :)

Just random things: TiddlyWiki is very cool. Mix in a little WebDAV and XMLHttpRequest and it would be really useful.

Good essay from Mr Schneier again.

The Hitchhiker episode went out and I quite liked it. I perfer the old Book and I don't think the script is quite as sharp this time (but how could it be?) - but I like it. I've written code to record RealPlayer to OGG, but it's a pain to use and I don't I have it on my laptop. Maybe I'll be able to record next week's

Another series that I wish I had recorded (still going) is Mr Hardy's current work. Probably the best thing on radio at the moment.