Long time - no post. And ... (20 Sep 2004)

Long time - no post. And even now it's not going to be very long.

It's my last week at Google and it's going to be a very busy one. Of course, I can't say what I'm doing but maybe one day it will be public and I can point.

But more importantly - and I'm sure that readers will know this, but - the new Hitchhikers series starts today in about 11 hours. This is not optional. If you don't listen to this people will be spitting at you on the street tomorrow. Well, may not, but I happen to think that you should listen. In years gone by I could (with a little prompting) receit most of the original radio series.

So, you have your mission for the day and while you're waiting maybe you should read this. With the `second war' starting in Iraq (e.g. they've run out of space under the carpet) and all. Freeing people sure seems to cost of lot of money and lives.