Gmail backending (12 Aug 2004)

Did you know that .org pushes now happen about every 5 minutes? I was certainly pretty surprised last night. Now if only they didn't have silly registration and server number restrictions at the gTLD level the DNS system might not be a complete pile of doggy poo.

And the reason why I was playing with DNS is that IV now has a new mail server. Say hello to every one, the third server to have an name (I wonder if anyone here remembers tzu and metis?). Hopefully this should fix the mail bouncing problems that dodo was having. And, if anyone wants hosting for mail servers etc now is the time to ask.

The switch of servers has broken automatic email bots (that's comments and keyverify), but I'm running them manually at the moment so you can still use them all the same. And boy do people use keyverify a lot. I wasn't expecting any traffic but I've had to deal with about 10 messages today from that.

I was being a little silly yesterday. If one was going to implement a new backend for the gmail javascript, there's an obvious choice ... gmail. Gmail does a perfect job of storing and sorting mail, just forward the queries onto them!

Before you wonder what the hell the point of re-backing gmail only to forward them to the real gmail is, remember the motivation. I want email messages to be sent from the right place, with the right From address so all I have to do is intercept the "send email" POST and a) send the email from zool b) send it onto gmail with a blackhole email address.

That's it. Now, if you don't like the idea of gmail storing your email then you really do have to do the whole thing. But I know that gmail stores lots of copies of my mail and that they aren't profiling it. For the moment I'm happy with Google managing my email and this simple solution is great (I think that would go for many people).