Why hasn't anyone back-en... (11 Aug 2004)

Why hasn't anyone back-ended gmail? Seriously, it's a client side app, that means you can take the javascript and reimpliment the server. It's not that hard! Lots of people seem to be doing different clients for gmail (injectors, notifiers etc) - but I want a different backend!

I don't want my address to be @gmail (and Reply-To isn't good enough). At the moment the server which handles email is upset so I don't even have my Reply-To set. But I'm switching to a different server soon and I want a gmail server to install!

Seriously, it's easy, I copied implimented a NULL backend for gmail in about 30 minutes. The list of email is static and nothing actually works but all the data looks like:

D(["t",["fe4e30d37ca51d9",0,0,"7:11am","\<span id=\'\'\>Rene Mages\</span\>","&nbsp;","Software Patents : Postcard Action",
"Hi all, Probably, the EU Software patent Directive should return to the European Parlement during &hellip;",[]

It's not that tough. Python provides mailbox parsing, IMAP clients etc (if you want).

Unfortuantely, I don't have the time.