Ok, so I've only just rea... (28 May 2004)

Ok, so I've only just realised where the name Samizdata comes from. I feel silly.

I also intend to write to the returning officer for the London Mayor elections to ask where the hell their election system comes from:

If one candidate gets more than half of the first choice votes, he or she is the winner.

If no candidate gets most than half of the first choice votes, all candidates except the two with the most are ruled out of the counts. The ballot papers of those voters whose first choice vote was for an eliminated candidate are then examined. Any second choice notes from these ballot papers for the two remaining candidates are added to their scores. Whoever of the two remaining candidates then has the most first and second choice votes is the winner.

(typos are mine)

Does anyone know if this has a name? I'm pretty certain that is doesn't have many of the desirable properties of other systems.