Well, a kernel upgrade of... (26 Feb 2004)

Well, a kernel upgrade of the Union server on Tuesday showed that 2.4.25's XFS support is incomplete. It contains some of XFS, but not enough to actually get a working server (I need ACL support at least). And I can't find patches to add the missing bits to 2.4.25 either. Bugger.

The medic's play (Alice in Wonderland) on in the UCH at the moment is very good. Go see it tonight (£6) or tomorrow (£7) starting at 7:30 (ish).

Last night's band night with Natascha Sohl went very well. She's very good and my favorite band that we've worked with so far. Proper control of the lighting by Steve meant that it looked very good too.

And we're doing it all again tomorrow, but with three bands and (at least) one film crew. That includes three drum kits that we've got to handle somehow. And I've got other commitments for part of tomorrow night.

Also, I'm on Orkut now. Mail me if you need an introduction.

(Though I'm home this weekend (and Monday) so I've very little email access.)

And tonight was going to be my night off and the first time I haven't been doing something in the Union this week. But the Medic's director just phoned so I'm going to help them now... oh well.