Well, the Xmas carnival p... (21 Dec 2003)

Well, the Xmas carnival passed off ok. I lasted about 22 hours before sitting comatose in the bar. I must be getting old, I've done better than that before. (Then again, Gary's really old an he managed ok :)). Link to photos will happen at some point.

The Artistic License box to control the MAC600 worked fine, though we ran it off the Pearl in the end. I need to write a better control interface (e.g. one that doesn't require you to input a seq of funcs for each of pan, tilt and color). To that end, PyGTK, glade and PyGtkGLExt work really well.

I'm off home today as well. Yay Xmas break.

(In other news; can you possibly think of anything worse than Slashdot Singles?. And I'm not kidding, OSDN is really running this complete with "First emails: What to say".)