My life:Last night: Setup... (14 Dec 2003)

My life:

  • Last night: Setup for Streetcar. Goto Union Staff party. Start striking Streetcar. Take the money down to DPFS and get locked out of the rest of the strike. Goto Cav's with Ash and Harriet. Go back to Beit to pack away their Xmas party.
  • Today: Sleep and work on all the coursework due in this week
  • Monday: Normal day at Uni. Talk to Malcomb about Summer Ball venues. Work all evening to get coursework finished.
  • Tuesday: Normal day at uni. Setup mics for Council. Dramsoc bar night. Have to decided which parts of the all nighter I can manage.
  • Wednesday: 9am - LotR. 2pm - setup for Rock night at the Union; goes on until late then we strike it.
  • Thursday: Normal day at Uni. Rig and point parcan's on the roof in the evening.
  • Friday: 7am - goto Stage with Gary to pickup lights. Rig, run and strike the Xmas Carnival. Probably a 24 hour shift.