Backup solution (28 Nov 2003)

Random thoughts of the day...

Register a domain name and point it somewhere silly like Make a tarball of your most important files and encrypt it. Then, once a day, email it to a user at that domainname. If you have a disk failure just wait a couple of days and all your files get bounced back to you


Most people would agree that torturing a conscious being is bad. Most of them would say that it's criminal and that you should be locked up for it. But what's is a conscious being? At least, if it's biological and can pass the Turing Test, is that good enough?

So now imagine how your best friend doing a Turing Test. By definition your mental representation of them passes the Turing Test because if you would expect different answers then you just aren't thinking hard enough. So your mental representation is conscious.

So now imagine torturing them. Should you be thrown in jail?