Well, it's really peeing ... (23 Nov 2003)

Well, it's really peeing it down with rain and has been all weekend. It's quite nice to look out on the rain when you're inside, but its enough to make me not want to bother going to the supermarket so I'll probably be eating weird combinations of whatever I can find over the next week.

Things that I need to do:

Get the new Union webserver racked up. And when I racked up, I mean in the very loosest sense as this is a desktop mini-tower that will be sitting on a rack plate.

I then need to try and convert the users. No amount of warning is going to work for most of them and I fully expect to be snowed under with dozens of "But why shouldn't I use the account of someone who left years ago, like I always have?", "Why can't I upload gigs of warez and use the server as a distro for all my friends?" and "Your computer has broken because this has stopped working and I'm perfect and cannot possibly be doing anything wrong".

Get the RS232 protocol to the crossovers working. The docs say that they can be daisy chained, but as far as I know they only have a single connector. I'm not sure of the electrical problems if I split the cable. And I've got to reverse engineer the undocumented bits of the protocol.