What a difference an edit... (21 Nov 2003)

What a difference an editor makes eh? All that not wanting to upset people and so forth . Well, here's the original...

What would you do if you organised a protest and no one turned up? Well the Stop Bush Campaign are finding out at the moment. Despite getting over 100 hundred people willing to sign a petition asking the Union to express that the views of the entire student body were against Bush, only 16 of them were seemingly willing to express those views themselves today.

Somewhat more were willing to brave the heated comforts of the MDH last night for the self-styled `People's AGM'. In the aforementioned meeting 32 people turned up and most of the meeting was spent trying to decide whether to protest against Bush, or against Bush and the Union. What's a protestor to do with all that pent up frustration and so much to protest about? The decision, rather unsurprisingly, was to protest against both. Also planned was a sleep-in protest, however our dedicated freedom fighters seemingly forgot their sleeping bags (despite reminders on their own posters). Maybe they value their oil-powered creature comforts too highly?

The rather lack-lustre protest observed today from the lofty heights of Beit Towers consisted of 16 rather cold looking people and a megaphone meandering into the quad for 60 seconds before vanishing up the south steps of the Royal Albert Hall and onto Hyde Park. Of course the Union officers who were the partial target of this protest were, rather rudely, all away at Wye for the day.

So, that was worth the days of standing on the walkway thrusting slices of pulped, dead tree at people who really don't care, wasn't it?

(note, I'm not pro-Bush. I'm just very anti most anti-Bush protesters. My enemy's enemy is not my friend.