Things I found out today (20 Oct 2003)

Tristan pointed out that most of the images linked to below where, in fact, all the same. My mouse skills were obviously on the blink at that moment. The links have now been fixed.

Linux 2.6 has real per user accounting:

struct user_struct {
        atomic_t __count;       /* reference count */
        atomic_t processes;     /* How many processes does this user have? */
        atomic_t files;         /* How many open files does this user have? */

        /* Hash table maintenance information */
        struct list_head uidhash_list;
        uid_t uid;

This means that process and open files limits apply across the whole system, not per session like they used to. It also means that if a setuid call would cause the resource limit to be exceeded then it returns EAGAIN

Also, Apache 1.3.28 has a known bug with CGI handling and SuEXEC which means it leaves zombies all over the place (offical patch released). Guess how this and the above conspired to bite me today.

Apache 1.3 cannot proxy SSL requests. But Apache 2 can, and it can cache the results. It also supports SCTP for those who know/care what that is.

Also, despite fluffing the second question it looks like I might have made the top 500 cut in the GoogleJam

And slashdot has just published this story about how the FTAA treaty is going to ratchet up IP laws again. But for once the UK isn't part of it.