Busy.. (13 Oct 2003)

Within two weeks...

HeronPrimary webserverWell, this was an emergency move after a hardware failure of the old server. Unfortunately, we forgot some stuff and someone rooted it via phpBB and sudo. So another emergency move (3 hours last Sunday night) onto a new server which we will enable CGI on when we feel ready. (It's roughly the same as running a public access shell server).
ChukarOnline Backup serverRAID controller decided it was a good day to die. Emergency move to an unused server promptly killed it and after a second move it seems ok
FayaResearch group serverMultiple disk failure. Scrape remains off and replace
ParakeetSyslog and secure console serverPrimary disk failure. Scrape remains off and replace.

And Merlin (major fileserver) froze solid today and needed a SysRq-B. I think we should ask physics dept what experiments that started doing about two weeks ago.

One top of that, every spare moment has been spent running Fresher's Week at the union. [photos]