Well, it's a new year at ... (05 Oct 2003)

Well, it's a new year at Imperial and that means a whole new lot of freshers and lots of people saying "God. I hope we weren't that clueless and dumb last year" (us) and "I feel ill" (them, drunk).

Hopefully photos of the freshers welcoming party will be up soon. That took the last 3 days of setting up but seemed to go down pretty well. The rest of the week involves shuffling equipment around for all the other fresher events as they happen.

Early this morning I actually managed to get to sleep on a sofa, on a stage, in the middle of the concert hall which was empty except for lots of intelligent lights, a really good drum-n-bass DJ and two huge speaker stacks giving 10kW's of sonic goodness.

Hmm, what else.. oh yea; Practical Cryptography is good. All crypto coders should probably have it on their shelfs. I've got a 7/2 split of courses over the next two terms (so I'm going to get buggered silly this term and be going to be going to random other lectures again next term for something to do).