Ok, so I haven't posted a... (27 Sep 2003)

Ok, so I haven't posted anything here for quite a while and I'm still feeling too lazy to write anything so I'm going to post an edited version of an email I've just send because it saves me doing any work .

I've just got ADSL working in my new flat and the ADSL modem is so a Linux box with a silly menu system on the front. But it works, even if I'm a little afraid that the 50:1 contention is going to bite once all the students in this area manage to get it going.

Term starts at the end of next week (or this week, depending on when you consider the week to start) and so I've quite a lot of rigging to do before Saturday. (That's rigging in the sense of setting up stuff like this

(Typing this over ssh while emerging. I think I need to look at the QoS settings of this modem.)

I'm also the union server admin (FreeBSD) as of Wednesday and every society on Earth (seemingly) has suddenly realised that they need to update their webpage for the new year and can anyone remember the password? Can they buggery.

At least I'm giving them random passwords this year without the ability to change them, so there's no chance that they'll forget to write them down somewhere really stupid and obvious, thus saving me this problem next year.

And are there any new phd or staff boxes installed and ready? And are we really going to have the 25 new Apple dual-proc G5s (which arrived yesterday, weeks late) done and deployed by the end of the week? And am I going to have to install my automounter on every box that I actually want to use because autofs and amd are such piles of crap? And do I really think that just because my summer job ended yesterday that I'm not going to be pulling 12 hour days all next week in the department and at the union to get things ready?

Fun, fun, fun! :)