Intel 8086:24d5 Soundcards (06 Sep 2003)

If you have one of these, upgrade alsa-libs to 0.9.6 and get the CVS versions of both alsa-kernel and alsa-drivers and put kernel in drivers as a subdirectory. Build everything and then it will pretty much work, but only in OSS compatibility mode.

Flat panel color separation

If you get color sepation on your flat panel when using programs that do subpixel antialiasing (such as this Mozilla build) then put something like this into /etc/fonts/fonts.conf

<match target="font">
	<edit name="rgba" mode="assign"><const>gbr</const></edit>

and reorder the gbr string until it works (or set it to rrr to disable).

Viewing manpages in Vim

Thanks to Gentoo forums you can view your manpages in Vim, if you like:

export MANPAGER="col -b | view -c 'set ft=man nomod nolist' -"