Mail should be working ag... (28 Jul 2003)

Mail should be working again.

This article on 3d printing was linked to on slashdot. It's a pretty short and dull introduction, but it foreshadows another key battle on the copyright front. Personally, I think that Gilmore expressed it far better in this text. It's going to be a painful few decades while these changes sink in.

sfdisk -s returned a negative number for me today caused by the 2TB limit on 32-bit sector counts. This seems like it's going to be a pretty painful transition as many utilies (even the kernel, until 2.6) have this limit. sfdisk, despite being in util-linux, is actually pretty badly written. It assumes in several places that sizeof (long) = 4. I might end up rewriting large parts of it because cyl/head/sectors have got to go.