HTML Through CSS (15 Jul 2003)

nForce 2 chipsets

The nForce2 chipset (from nVidia) is popular for AMD systems at the moment, just don't buy one if you're running Linux. nVidia supplies drivers from its website for the builtin network, gfx and audio (possibly others, I didn't get that far) as modules - more than slightly frustrating for a NFS root. Still, I managed to get the driver into the kernel (including the closed source binary part) and it half works - the sending half.

The graphics part doesn't handle VESA DDC calls and seems to freeze completely with the nv driver.

In short, avoid unless you like waiting for nVidia to drip feed you closed source drivers.

Some people may have noticed that there's some documentation that has appeared in the CSG section in the site tree at the bottom. Since I haven't released the code you probably don't want to read it, but the interesting bit it that I just made up the tags. (If you see all the text stuck together then your browser doesn't like this - try Mozilla). Each of the functions looks a little like this:


And then I just define them in CSS:

function { background: #f3f6fd; display: block; margin-bottom: 30px; }
function > name { font-family: monospace; padding-bottom: 10px; display: block; color: #0000dd; }
function > name:before { font-family: Georgia, Times, sans-serif; content: "Name: "; color: #000000; }
function > args { display: block; margin-bottom: 10px; }
function > args:before { content: "Arguments: "; }

Mozilla renders it ok, Konqueror doesn't and I've not tried anything else. Is this in the slightest valid in XHTML? It certainly feels XMLish.

And if it is valid, why isn't the XHTML standard just a common CSS stylesheet? I'm pretty sure can define every HTML tag in CSS.