Usually I shrug off a col... (25 Jun 2003)

Usually I shrug off a cold in a few hours but, right now, everytime I sneeze it feels like most of my throat is ripped out and I think my brain is trying to crawl out my left ear.

But anyway - X auto-configuration is quite painful. The basics (finding video cards) is pretty trivial, but how do you find the model name of the LCD connected? (possible) and how do you do that for each of a number of different video cards on the same PCI bus, each with multiple heads? From what I can see VESA just wasn't designed to handle multiple cards.

On the same project, how do you get a BIOS device number from a devfs name? Going from devfs => classical /dev just involves walking /dev/discs but, as far as I can see, there is no mapping to BIOS device numbers (needed for GRUB). For example, my kernel loads my SCSI MegaRAID before my Adaptec SCSI - but my BIOS does it the other way round. Aggh!

Ian seems set on making up for lost blogging time with a flurry of interesting posts. I'm sure he can't keep it up for long, so enjoy while it lasts.

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