Read this if, and only if... (17 Jun 2003)

Read this if, and only if, you have seen the Matrix Reloaded already.

Ian has updated his blog with quite a long entry. Here's a reply I sent via email:

Whisper: Do you pad messages? I'm sure you have considered that the IRC backend
still allows for traffic analysis, but I'm not sure how useful traffic
analysis is in IRC style conversations.

I've not played with C# much, but I don't think I would use it out of choice
from what I've read about it. Any particular reason you choice it over
Java for this? 

WebQuest: Not a new idea - but you would be the first if you actually got it
to work nicly. The whole trick here is that it will get spammed to hell as soon
as it becomes popular. You don't mention how you act against this.

Using Google as a backend and tweaking the search query is a nice trick.

"Collaborative Filtering" of course springs to mind and a trust web could solve
your spamming problem at the cost of bootstrapping problems (you need people to
form a trust web, but people are going to bother unless there are already people
doing it).

Kanzi: Shame it didn't work out as shareware - but I'm glad to see it going Open
Source (at some point).