Systrace and SELinux (14 Jun 2003)

I installed a system with systrace and SELinux, but I haven't had time to play about with them much yet. SELinux, from first looks, seems very complex - probably too complex for most uses. Systrace, however, is small and sweet. I've not looked at how it's implemented yet, but I suspect it might have quite a system call overhead, however. Will have to benchmark it.

Saw Chicane live and he/they performed quite a lot of their new album which was very impressive. It was their old stuff which got the crowd going though. 16 18" drivers in a small venue hitting resonance is quite awe-ful*.

* - that's awe-ful not awful - which is defined as meaning what awful used to mean.

Coming up this week is O'Reilly's 25th anniversary (possibly just O'Reilly UK's 25 actually, now I come to think about it) and I get a free boat trip on Thursday to celebrate.