Yesterday, O'Reilly sent ... (21 May 2003)

Yesterday, O'Reilly sent me a note about their OpenBook project. More or less, they are reverting to "Founder's Copyright" where copyright only lasts 14 years (with an optional extention of another 14). After this time, O'Reilly release the book (on that website) under a Creative Commons license.

The options to O'Reilly author's (i.e. myself) are 1) To agree 2) To decline 3) To take a 3 month option to find another publisher after 14 years, otherwise it goes free. (Guess which I chose).

I'm really impressed that O'Reilly are doing this. Sure, computer books aren't going to be making much money after 14 years but even so, it's a damm good point of principle.