How the heck, 3 weeks int... (19 May 2003)

How the heck, 3 weeks into term, have I ended up with 2 odd socks? I always put a matching pair on in the morning and I'm pretty sure it stays that way during the day. It would be pretty tough to change one of my socks without me noticing. Perhaps if aliens were performing snap abductions just in order to do this (I can't think of any other way) but that would be frankly mind boggling.

And it's not like there's a lot of places to hide a sock in my room. Sure, there's a fair amount of junk on the floor at any one time, but it gets turned over pretty often and if they were hiding in it I would be covered in random socks all the time; and I'm not. There's also always a fair amount of lint in the tumble dryer after a wash, I suppose. But I don't think that my socks (which survive so much during an average day) are getting atomised by a mere dryer.

There's just no way that amotile inanimate objects could do this - which leads me to conclude that socks aren't in fact inanimate. Given the state of some people's shoes at the end of a day it wouldn't take too much for intelligent life to develop, I'm guessing. And, by definition, life tends to replicate so perhaps a number of everyone's socks are normal and the rest are living socks - able to run away at will (sorry about the pun) and so everyone is left with the odd, non-living socks.