Lethal Dose of Caffine (28 Apr 2003)

Erowid (the usual reference for all your interresting drugs) was giving a couple of different values for the LD50 of caffine and I couldn't find a definative value for it. Here's the reply from Erowid that I got:

Thanks for your note. I went back to check where the 75mg/kg
number came from and, unfortunately, the website reference I had for it no
longer exists. Calculating estimated LD50s for
humans is a tricky business I'd rather not get into, so I decided
to simply change the number to the known LD50 in rats, which is
192 mg/kg oral.

I was able to find some numbers for lethal doses in humans (not
LD50, but doses that actually killed the individual). A couple of
those were IV rather than oral and were significantly lower than
75 mg/kg (57 mg/kg in one case and 7 mg/kg in another). The
estimate of 150 mg/kg in the caffeine faq is in the right ballpark
for an oral human LD50.                                                
Kernel 2.5.68

As the kernel staggers towards 2.6 pre series I thought it might be worth trying it out.

Short version: it doesn't boot yet

Longer version: Booting gets as far as the AIC7xxx driver - which hangs. Removing that drivers lets it get as far as the megaraid driver which complains all about all the error handling code that it's missing and then takes a 3-4 minutes to scan all the LUNs. Then ALSA hangs. Removing ALSA reveals that the megaraid driver didn't manage to find my RAID array and so has nothing to mount as root.

So it will be a little longer yet I'm guessing