So here's an odd thought ... (06 Mar 2003)

So here's an odd thought in the hours before I go and be Strike Crew until 6 in the morning.

In a world which seems to respect worse is better designs we shouldn't be looking to stamp principles all over our political system. We should, instead, be looking for an incremental approach; a directed genetic algorithm. David Brin thinks that this has been happening for decades with good effect.

So, we would hope that all the political parties would have very similar views. The final result would be that everyone was in exactly the same political position, on top of the highest hill. (or, if you think of a GA as a minimising function, then at the bottom of the lowest valley).

So, we should all rejoice that it's so hard to tell our political parties apart because it's a sign of increasing perfection [1, 2 and 3] (and yes, it is wonderful that number 2 there has a .com URL).

No, I don't really believe it either. Nice thought for a rainy day though.