The Salmon Of Doubt (08 Feb 2003)

I swear when I came here that I intended to do some work. I really did! Look, there's a problem sheet to prove it. (there's also an empty pack of Munchies, which I don't remember eating but I suppose that I must have because it was full 20 minutes ago.)

But alas, Waterstones are finally selling the paperback edition of The Salmon Of Doubt and my spotting and subsequent purchase of the aforementioned book is the current reason for the lack of work and, I suspect, will continue being so until I finish it.

"Why, ", you might ask, "has such an Adams fan not obtained himself a copy of this work of art before?". Well, the hardback edition was £18. Which isn't really a lot and, in my school days, would not even have been an item of note on my monthly book expenditure. But being the poor student that I now find myself, living in the centre of a city that is, by all accounts, extremely expensive; £18 seems a lot of money. Every time I saw the book on the shelf I could never quite justify the cost.

Thankfully, I now can. And I now need to finish the damm thing before so that I can do the work I need to do for Monday!