After reading Aaron's Cre... (20 Dec 2002)

After reading Aaron's Creative Commons launch talk I emailed him to ask exactly when some cool semantic webby stuff was going to happen. (I've ranted about this before). Well, quoting private emails is a little rude but he didn't seem to hold much hope of it happening anytime soon, which is a great shame. Unfortunately, I can't see any good way of solving this. Specs for a Person class, a Blog class and all manner of stuff could be constructed, but I don't know how we would persude anyone to use it:

"Hey! Markup all the stuff on your website using our cool RDF!
"'Cos it's cool, look!" (point at some of the SemWeb vision stuff)
"Hmm, that's neat. But what will it do now?"
"Not a lot, I guess. But think how cool it will be in the future!"
"So ask me again in the future, when it's cool"

And so we're stuck. So does anyone have a SemWeb killer app to bootstrap everything?