Mobile Phones (17 Dec 2002)

Mixminion 0.0.1 has been released, and the first Mixminion anonymous message was posted to the mailing list. Congrats to the whole team.

Also, the new edition of Unix Power Tools (O'Reilly) is out. I was a technical reviewer on this and it's everything you would expect from O'Reilly (even if UPT would be preaching to the converted for most of IV's readership). There is one chapter about which they seem to have ignored my comments. But then my comments were something along the lines of "This is rubbish, put this in instead ..." followed by the whole chapter rewritten. I'll let you see if you can guess which chapter.

The whole concept of phoning someone is a little broken. I want to be able to attach a priority to calls. If I need something now - it's a high priority call, if I just want to chat - it's low priority, and it's a persistent thing. When I get in from doing something (a high priority only state) I can drop to a low priority state and take all the low priority calls (so long as the people calling me are still in a low priority state). I'm sure you get the idea.