(I'm at home, in Chelt, f... (15 Dec 2002)

(I'm at home, in Chelt, for christmas)

I had hoped to have IV hosted (web and email at least) on Imperial servers by now. Unfortunately, one of the Dept of Computing webservers was rooted on Thursday which ment that people were a little too busy to get round to it. I'm going to see metis (the current server) tomorrow with a new power supply anyway.

And in answer to coderman's question: see this, this and this for an example of what crewing an event means. We started rigging that at 9am, people came in at 8pm, left at 2am (the following day) and we had cleared up by 4:30am (after which we went to the bar). This was taken about 5 in the morning (I'm the one on the far left).