Stallman Speaking (03 Dec 2002)

Went to listen to Stallman speaking on software patents at LSE today. He managed to panic the organiser when he didn't show, but after about 20 minutes someone said he had been spotted outside the tube station. Quite how he had been `spotted' I'm not sure, but he turned up 5 minutes later and things got underway.

The venue was quite small and there were about 50 people there. For some reason the room (The Hong Kong theater) reminded me of Korea in the way that it looked like someone gave the architect a picture of an old church room and said "build it like this", but the architect didn't quite get it right.

Anyway, a lot of people critise RMS for, basically, loosing his rag when he speaks but I guess he must have this speech pretty well practiced. In fact, maybe if he had lost his rag, I wouldn't have fallen asleep during it . It's not that it was boring, I was just pretty tired and it's almost instinctive when sitting in a lecture now.

There's little point in repeating what RMS said as I would just be preaching to the converted. See this if you don't know it all already and RMS really is Quite A Nice Guy in person.

Summer Jobs

Ok, it's a little early but I'm looking about for summer jobs anyway. I have an interview tomorrow for a job doing door-to-door book selling in Nashville (weird, but what the hell). I'd quite like to work for O'Reilly in Boston, but they aren't really in a place to start employing people at the moment. So, if you want to offer me a job, you know where the email address is .