Secure Beneath the Watchful Eyes (24 Oct 2002)

There's a poster campane in London at the moment, run by London Transport advertising the introduction of more CCTV camera on buses. The slogan is "Secure Beneath the Watchful Eyes" and has a big picture of disembodied eyes watching over a London bus going over Westminster bridge. (I wish I could find someone with a digital camera so I could take a picture of it)

Now, I don't have any figures on how effective CCTV on buses is etc and what the cost is so I can't judge if putting CCTV on buses is a good idea or not. But that poster scares me. Rather than suggesting that the CCTV cameras are there to deter people from doing <insert bad action here> the general sense is that we should feel all warm and fuzzy in our nanny state.

I suppose it's just a poster campane - but still...

Oxford Union Meeting

Well, the contact listed in NTK did finally reply. Unfortunately, it was a little late to organise a weekday trip. However, given the type of people there I'm sure it will be well covered. Bruce Dickinson and Chuck D are no longer appearing, by the way.