All these events (22 Oct 2002)

TBL pointed out that Neal Stephenson is speaking at Trinity this Thursday. I cannot, unfortunately, make it because of lecture and tutorial commitments. Also, there's a debate at Oxford on the same day (see the bottom of the last entry), but the contact given for that hasn't got back to me, so it doesn't look like I can make that either! To wrap things up, Ross Anderson, Alan Cox and a M$ rep are talking about TCPA in London. Zooko suggested I try to get in for free (it would otherwise be nearly 400GBP) by playing the student/hacker/reporter card. I'm sure I can get a camera and tape recorder to do a good report should they let me in.

Mozilla Again

After a remerging mozilla it now starts up cleanly and has AA fonts - which is nice. Unfortunately, the AA fonts make it pretty slow and the clipboard doesn't work at all (pasting in, or copying from) to some of the links might have typos in them today. Sigh. (oh, and it misses out some scanlines in text too)