The USS Clueless gets /.'... (07 Oct 2002)

Well, my bank refused me a debit card, so as much as I like to pay for the Internet connect in my room - I can't because they don't take cash. Thankfully, they allow free access to the department computers and ssh (at least in 3.4) has a nice feature called dynamic port forwarding. Basically, you use pass -D xyz on the command line and port xyz is a SOCKS4 proxy and all connections get forwarded down the ssh tunnel.

I'm not sure that it's working perfectly yet (OpenSSH_3.4p1 Debian 1:3.4p1-2) as sometimes I need the connection will just stall - but Gentoo is installing fine using it. It also means that the people on the same hub as me don't get to see what I'm reading.

However, since everything goes down one connection things aren't quite perfect as a single dropped packet will stall everything, not just the single substream because they're all the same to TCP. However, on a 10Base-TX connection that's not a major issue.

Also, the sysadmins at Imperial seem really nice and I hope to move IV to department server at some point.

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