Well, I'm offline again a... (03 Oct 2002)

Well, I'm offline again and warwalking doesn't turn up anything useful. I found a nice little NAT box that was helpfully forwarding packets and acting as a web proxy for me. That has now disappeared. I guess they noticed the hole. I would be quite willing to pay for it, but they refuse to take cash and my debit card is still coming through. I hate the fiscal system, but efforts seem to be stalled at the moment.

The most interesting paper I've read in a while is from the Tarzan people. They basically describe an IP level anonymising layer. Even if you think you know more than should be legally allowed about mixnets/DCRs and pipenets it's worth a read. It includes a couple of nice tricks I haven't seen before.

The source code hasn't been released, but Michael Freedman has hinted to me that they are talking to the Cebolla folks about a common codebase.

In the short time that I did have use of that NAT box I managed to apt-get upgrade and install Gentoo. I've now got to go pruning services on my Debian install (Lord alone knows why it decided to install ircd and diald).

Imperial is keeping me pretty busy, though none of the material is really stunning at the moment. I did end up in a second year maths lecture today because of a timetabling fault, however, and it was pretty good. Maybe I should lecture hop