Life at Imperial (29 Sep 2002)

As I write this I still don't have any connection so god knows when this will by uploaded. There is a 10Base-TX connection in my room, but it doesn't seem that anything is happening on it. I think I need to go someplace and register for them to make it live.

Any access points either at the moment, though I haven't gone warwalking yet. I don't imagine that the Imperial APs will be switched on this early in the term anyway.

The room (shared) is beautifully positioned and big enough to drive a car between the beds, which is a pleasent surprise. I gather from talking to some of the students in other halls that I could have done a lot worse.

More, I guess, when I have more time and more to say. I should find someone with a digital camera to take some photos of this place, but right now I'm off warwalking.