Writers for hire by compa... (22 Sep 2002)

Writers for hire by companies and governments. One wonderful quote:"

Will Self said: "I return to the words of Bill Hicks when he said, 'If any artist ever endorses a product then they have completely destroyed their status as an artist.' I don't care if they shit Mona Lisas on cue, they've destroyed their reputations, and advertising for the Government is much more pernicious."

The proceedings of the OLS are up (and have been for a while). A treasure trove of interesting papers contained is contained therein. Highlights (so far) include:

  • Lustre: the intergalactic file system
  • Cebolla: Pragmatic IP Anonymity
  • SE Debian: how to make NSA SE Linux work in a distribution
  • Online Resizing with ext2 and ext3
  • Advanced Boot Scripts
  • BitKeeper for Kernel Developers
  • Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control

I've finished ripping my CD collection and all they don't make 'em like they used to. My older CDs would be quite happy reading at 4 speed. The newer ones (from about 92 onwards) struggle to manage 1.4 speed (there are a couple in between). The older ones seem to by physically thicker too. I guess they cut down on the quality at some point to reduce production costs.

oh, and mirrors of dvdsynth should they become, ah, required.