Comments System (02 Sep 2002)

Well, turns out the that builders cut the power on Friday (about 3:30 BST) and metis lasted about 45 minutes on the UPS before dying. Since it's softswitched it doesn't power up when the power comes back on (which sucks) and I should get the UPS software working better. Oh, and by the way, I hate builders.

Is an emailed based comments system a blogging first? Well, it's here anyway. Still a little rough about the edges but nothing a little testing (and bug reporting) can't fix (hint!).

Should I put the mails in <pre> tags? At the moment I turn blank lines into <br><br> but that's all.

Ecstasy not dangerous?

Reports suggest that E mightn't be the instantly fatal rat-poison we thought it was. Well, we knew that anyway and it's nice to see a report that isn't funded by the US govt to repeat that "Drugs are baaaad".

But don't forget the E is still the most adulterated street drug on the planet. It's been cut with everything under the sun, some of it pretty nasty.